The www.MeinJob.ro Project

  • MEIN JOB is the first online job platform for German-speaking employees and employers in Romania.
  • The platform is just the first step in developing an international program for the German-speaking people in search for a job that includes programs and courses for the personal and professional further education of young people who speak German and also career events (conferences, job fairs etc.). The platform is intended to expand itself on an international level, in other countries such as Romania, where the German language is not the mother language, and there are many German-speaking job seekers and companies with a Swiss/German/Austrian background (for example), companies on the search for German-speaking employees – the next in line for the international development of the platform being Hungary and Poland.
  • The initiators of Mein Job are experienced members of the Gutenberg non-profit organisation – the first and only organisation in Romania for German-speaking students, which was founded in 2009 and has since implemented over 80+ local, with more than 20000+ beneficiaries, national and international projects. The organisation has therefore developed strong and useful assets (for the job platform) such as strong connections with German-speaking institutions and communities from Romania and other countries (Hungary, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland etc.) and many communication channels for the German-speaking youth and students from Romania.